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Functionfox - Interior Design & General Contractor

"Sizzling cool" space to work in!

This client was outgrowing their current location - move or not to move?  By redefining the current space, we increased their staffing capacity and made the space seem bigger and much more functional! A totally redefined space that has a modern/fresh, energized and “pampered” feel to it, with the addition of plants, glass dividers, comfortable modern furniture, positive colours and eco-friendly elements. The open concept kitchen/lounge area is a popular place to hang out. Even though there is no natural light in the area, we managed to bring the outside freshness inside!  The staff also love the cozy "chill room," whether for a private meeting or just to take a break and relax.  (2014)

FunctionFox lighting & air plants
FF chill room
FunctionFox Lounge
FunctionFox upstairs office space
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